Welcome to Kristi Dixon dot com! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I am a voice-driven singer-songwriter musician specializing in country, pop, and R&B genres. I perform all over North Carolina and occationally in Virginia and South Carolina - as far as I can get to on a weekend. The majority of venues I play are farmer's markets (Please support your local farmer's market :) , but I've also played for birthday parties, fund raisers, festivals, coffee shops, family reunions, restaurants, weddings and more! I play acoustically, just my guitar and me. However; I sometimes sing with a duet partner (there's a tab for more info) who brings electric guitar, drums, piano, and harmonies into the mix.

In my 24 years of life I've learned that one of the greatest feelings one could ever have, is knowing that someone else is enjoying something that you've created. 

Have a look around! I've got sample music available at the bottom of the screen (press play:), videos and photos, and a calendar of upcoming events. Thanks for visiting my website. :) Maybe I'll catch you at a show? 

Kristi Dixon

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