Dear Kristi & Kenneth,                                                            2/8/2011

 Thank you so much for making our Death by Chocolate event such a success!  Kristi, you are an amazing, talented young lady and I have bragged to everyone about getting such a talent to play and sing on Friday.  I will recommend you to anyone!  I hope you will consider playing again for us.

 Many thanks,

 Anne Carpenter, Resourse Director

Girl Scouts of ESC



Kristi was AMAZING and we would love to have her back.  I spoke to people after the show and everyone agreed that she is incredibly talented.  She not only has a gorgeous voice, but also possesses a poise and confidence that one would not expect in a person so young.  She is a spectacular artist and performer.  I'm thinking that perhaps we could arrange for her to come back as a solo act, or maybe with one other performer.   I'm not sure about the timing -- maybe this fall.   will keep you posted.

Warm regards to both you and Kristi.

Claire Constantikes
Neck of the Woods
Twisted Vine



She sings Taylor Swift better than Taylor Swift sings Taylor Swift!

Anonymous vender

Black Mountain

January 20, 2012
Neck of the Woods Performance Series January 14, 2012
From the Wake Weekly: January 20, 2012
Kristi Dixon and James Yow, both 17, performed individually and together. Dixon wowed the audience with her musical command, flawlessly performing both pop covers and her own songs.