Sometimes when I go out to sing I bring James Yow along with me. James is the lead singer of a metal band called The Harbinger (It can be found on reverb nation.), which he and a couple of his friends started when they were sophomores in high school. His band wrties their own music and plays covers from bands like Skillet, Seether, Gotye, Three Days Grace, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, and much more! People often say James and I mesh well together because he brings 90's grunge and  rock to the performance, while I match him with current pop, country, and r&b sounds. He is a talented electric guitar player who doesn't mind showing off what he can do while I sit there and play the melody over and over.  

James Yow

Music is why we are together. 4 years of beautiful music! <3

James is rather fond of his beanie. :P

James and I performing at the Artisan Cafe in Statesville: home of the second largest hot air ballon festival in the US.