"It's impossible," said Pride. "It's risky," said Experience. "It's pointless," said Reason. "Give it a try." whispered the Heart.

How many 13 year olds do you know that have debuted a pop album? Kristi Dixon, Eastern Guilford High School student, released hers in the Summer of 08'! “Emotions” is full of catchy pop tunes that sound true to young sensations Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Like these young stars, Dixon is writing her own music, singing her own songs, and breaking into the music industry her own way.

Produced by Tate Music Group, the album includes eight original songs and is currently available nationwide at the iTunes Store, CDBaby.com, or directly from TateMusicGroup.com.

When Dixon was just a toddler, her parents and grandparents would ask her to sing for them. They wanted her to sing simple tunes like Twinkle Little Star, but the infant musician always refused and would sing something that she made up on her own. That stubbornness would grow into a talent and a passion that pushed Dixon to start playing an old family guitar and start writing songs. She gets her song inspiration from family life: “I hope you know” was written for her older brother when he went to college. “Your Voice” was written for her mother who occasionally takes long trips overseas. And, of course, the inspiration for the track “Father Daughter Dance” came from her dog.  Only kidding. 

"You are walking a thin line between winning and losing. To win, all you have to do it keep going. To lose, all you have to do is give up." - Something I ripped out of an old newspaper 

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Kristi Dixon is looking for places to perform at. She has performed at churches, festivals, coffee houses, fund raisers and sidewalks at no cost or for tips. She can play through 2 hours with one or two 5 minute breaks. But that's not her limit. She been know to sing for hours on end. Her songs are mostly original with current and classic covers mixed in. She plays an acoustic guitar and gives a mellow voice driven performance, often being to compared to Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift.  I almost forgot, she is only 16 but you won't believe it when she sings her songs.

Email Kenneth at kenneth_d8@yahoo.com to book a performance.
Phone 336-269-5195

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I'm everywhere!! Usually just hidden quite well. So instead of playing "Where's Waldo", or "I spy". I'll just point it out to you. <3


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My life, my love: My music.

I have a pretty simple, typical teenage life. At least it feels that way. Going out and singing at festivals, coffee shops, farmers markets, and bars doesn't seem like such a surprising thing to me. I always write songs about my life. It just comes to me. I find it very difficult to write about something I haven't experienced. On my latest album, "This is how it is", She is your girlfriend was written about a boy that I had a crush, but his girlfriend happened to be my best friend. I didn't even know he existed until they were a thing, and I saw him every day. This is how it is was written about about a (different) boy that was my best friend. We tried to be more than that, but it didn't feel right for me, and so I prayed that he wouldn't stop being my friend. I didn't want to lose him completely. The old days has the story in it quite literally. I went to the movies with my best friends, and one of them brought her boyfriend. I found it odd, becaus I could remember so well when we'd complain about boys having cooties. (As a heads up, little girls don't ever actually think boys have cooties.) Colors was a rare, non expierience song. Me and my brother were just talking one day, and I had said something about being able to see so well, that there would be 8 colors on the spectrum instead of 7. That's where that came from. Dustin&Shiann is also one of those nonexperience songs. I was singing random words when out of nowhere, a story popped into my head. A story of people who were meant to be but never were. My dad/manager/stage-seter-uper says he sees it as looking back on past relationships and just wondering what might have been if it had worked. Shiann was one of my friends who had this on and off relationship with a boy named Dustin. In your Face was NOT meant to be a mean song. It is, but I NEVER wanted to portray it like that. Looking back on what I felt, I was only letting off steam. The girl had been my best friend, and she hurt me bad. What I find stupid, is that in all the fights we've had, never once did we blame the boy who broke our hearts. We always blamed each other. If you ever read this, I'm sorry for everything. In your Wallet was written about my dad/manager/stage-seter-uper. It's true, I never would've gotten this far without him. I'd be nothing without him. And I was snooping through his wallet one day (I do believe I had permission, but who knows??) and I noticed that the first picture in there was me and my guitar. I wrote a song about it. And lastly, You were shiny. This song was also a dad song. We have this old truck sitting in our drive way, older than me, older than my brother (21). In all of our family memories, that truck is somewhere in the distance. I thought I'd show our appreciation, now that its all worn out.

So...that's pretty much my life right there.